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About HealthServes

HealthServes was developed to provide healthcare professionals with digital tool to document their patient care services as required by law and at the same time offer them in-depth knowledge of their patients on patient’s authorization with their fingerprint, to access their unified electronic health folder, where all patient care documentation by various healthcare professionals who has attended to that same patient in the past can be retrieved for better knowledge of patient’s overall health status.

Healthcare professionals can leverage the inbuilt communication system to collaborate in patient care to improve treatment outcome. In order to enhance patient quality of life especially those on chronic illness and for better clinical management by the healthcare team, they can rely on the inbuilt communication system to follow-up on their patients even when they have gone home and patient in turn can share treatment update with their healthcare professionals in real-time using HealthServes communication system.

All these features and many more add up to enhance patients’ satisfaction and confidence in their healthcare providers and build stronger tie between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Why use Healthserves

With Healthserves, patient’s sensitive health information is properly secured from unauthorized access and access is only granted by the patient via fingerprint, One-time-password that is instantly delivered to patient registered phone number or patient generated password.

With elimination of all paper documentation in healthcare delivery, there is cost saving in stationery materials and as well as lost productivity due to repetitive documentation of patient information.

With every patient maintaining one Electronic Health Record on Healthserves, healthcare professionals working in various healthcare Institutions will be able to access past medical and medication history of their patient irrespective of where the documentation was carried out which will enable them to make highly informed decisions for their patients.

Healthcare professional while attending to patient can easily use inbuilt communication system to reach out to other healthcare professionals who has attended to the same patient in the past to share information that will enable them to better care for the patient’s present health need.

With every detail about patient care including billings and procedures shared among healthcare professionals, Healthcare providing institutions and healthcare professionals will likely maintain high standard of ethics and professionalism in their practice.

With the patient having a means to score the performance of every healthcare professional that attend to them ranging from zero-star to Five-star, Healthcare professionals will be more motivated to deliver optimum patient satisfaction to obtain a good score from their patients.

With inbuilt communication system which ensures that patient management and follow-up goes beyond the precinct of healthcare Institution, Healthcare professionals can maintain relevant communication with their patients even while they have gone home.

With centralized and structured documentation, relevant and more reliable health data for a specified geographical area and demographical group can easily be collated and analyzed by Government and policy Makers for more informed public health interventions.

With every patient registered in the Healthserves along with their fingerprint, unconscious patients can easily be identified with their fingerprint and right medical care administered to them.

Our Billing Plan


  • Access to patient Electronic folder.
  • Access to Biometric Authentication System.
  • Access to Patient Documentation Tools.
  • Access to Digital AI Assistance.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Access to new Clients.


  • Staff monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Tracking of Revenue.
  • Access to Staff enrollment.
  • Access to Digital AI Assistance.
  • Access to staff management tools.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Access to Communication system.
  • Bill tracking in Healthcare Ecosystem.
  • Access to Staff documentation.

Health Maintenance Organizations

  • Subscriber Enrollment system.
  • Access to Subscriber billing in real-time.
  • Subscriber management tools.
  • Access to Healthcare Provider Billings Reconciliation.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

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